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The RFRain Smart Handheld Reader (RFR-RAIN-1-HANDHELD) covers a tag read distance of over 20 feet with 7.5 dBi antenna. The custom-built antenna allows the RFRain Smart Handheld Reader to pick up a large amount of tags in a very short amount of time up to 100's of tags a second.  The Smart Handheld Reader delivers long-lasting and uninterrupted performance of 8 hours with 12,000 mAh Li-Ion Battery. Control the reader with the Zone Manager Mobile software for iOS and Android devices. The RFRain Smart Handheld Reader connects seamlessly to the cloud via the Zone Manager Mobile software.

Zone Manager Software

The Zone Manager Mobile software comes with the Smart Handheld Reader and interfaces with the handheld locally or in the Zone Manager Enterprise cloud. We recommend the purchase of the RFR-ZM-ENT cloud with the reader. 1-year hardware warranty included.


  • Product Code: RFR-RAIN-1-HANDHELD
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  • $1,688.70

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